Wednesday, 19 November 2008


If the technology has worked this wee post should pop up whilst we are on holiday.

So quick, whilst the husband's not looking.

This enforced break from trying to get knocked up should be the perfect opportunity for not only me to give my womb good clear out but also a chance for the husband to get his own spunk in order. I mean he has passed his initial tests, but there is nothing wrong with upping the ante a touch.

So anyone got any tips of vitamins I should be stirring into his mince and tatties? What about a poultice to apply to his nether regions as he sleeps? Or how about a wonder food that I can sneak into his lunch box. (And by that I mean lunch box as in pack lunch, not lunch box as in Linford Christie).

Any tips gratefully received, and discretion assured.


  1. I know smoking and caffeine aren't good...some say vitamins C & E help....I took Mucinex and conceived that cycle...apparently thins mucus to help spermies swim. if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

  2. Pumpkins seeds. I did all the research way back when I was still hopeful. They are full of zinc which is good for the spermies. The added benefit is it's good for the prostate, so all around-he can't lose.

  3. My RE says that all the online products (we were using Proxseed) are "snake oil." The only thing I know that works is stopping drinking and smoking.

    Of course, my man quit all of that and his sperm still suck. (Sorry baby, but that's how it is.) Now they're trying to up his hormones.

    Good luck!

  4. I had 2 SA's about 2 months apart or so.

    I had pretty lousy motility scores first time, so I had a big of a read of what could boost it and I ended up with the following.
    Zinc! Zinc! and Zinc!.

    For general healthy sperm I've been guided to throw in Vit C (1000mg a day), beta carotene, and vit E.

    Vit C is a great antioxidant and combats the effects of smoking or other environmental toxins.
    Obviously NOT smoking is better.

    2 months later I had a much improved set of SA scores.

  5. Like what they said. Zinc. Vitamin E. Vitamin C. H started taking linseed oil capsules, partly because he has sensitive itchy skin (we both do. Lucky us), but also because I read somewhere essential fatty acids are good for sperm too. But you want to make sure it's Omega 3 - either fish oil (H cannot STAND fish-oil capsules) or linseed/ flaxseed.

    Especially, no smoking AT ALL. Cutting down drinking to one or two units a week. Wearing cotton underpants and boxers may help, but actually what is vital for keeping the undercarriage cool and productive is to get up and move about a lot - too many men sit all day and their bits get rather warm what with the chair-seat and crossed legs and slumping forward to reach the computer. And warm bits are bad for sperm production.

  6. Ditto what everybody else said with regard to giving up smoking altogether and cutting down on the booze, as well taking extra zinc, plus vitamins C & E.

    From a specifically UK perspective: we both followed the Foresight preconception programme for around 12 months which involved taking around 20 different supplements every day and was, between you, me and the rest of the blogging community, a bit of a waste of time. Following protests from Mr H, we then subsequently switched to Zita West supplements - they do preconception vitamins specifically designed for both men and women, and also recommend DHA supplementation as well.

  7. "What about a poultice to apply to his nether regions as he sleeps?"

    This is one of the funniest things I have read all day! I am giggling thinking of someone waking up and discovering such a thing hahaha! Wish I had any advice but alas bacteria do not have sperm. If you have him try the pumpkin seed idea I can definitely say that it is a bad idea to eat a bunch of them on an empty stomach. I believe it is the magnesium in them, a high dose of that on an empty stomach had me contemplating death as I tried to learn something about food processing from a crazy prof. Wish I had grabbed something else as I was starving and running to class that day.

    If you are not back yet I hope you are having a wonderful holiday! And I agree "Microblogologist" is a mouthful (especially when I am trying to say it for one of my silly videos!) and definitely takes some thinking on my part to type =).


  8. Carnitene and L-argenine are good for men period, but also happen to be good for the sperm supply. :)


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