Monday, 3 November 2008

A learning experience

Things I have learned this weekend:
  • My friends read my blog, a lot (there was I thinking I had a really healthy readership in Belgium and Germany, turns out it is just the two of them)
  • They also read your blogs, yes, yours
  • My womb-mate (twin) never reads my blog
  • Naked spas are incredibly freeing (and asexual)
  • European women are, contrary to to their world-wide reputation, generally hair-free and well-kempt
  • An astonishingly large number of German men appear to wax all their pubes off, really, ALL OFF
  • If you want to be in the coolest part of the sauna sit on the lowest level
  • If a gentleman wishes to sit at a hotter part of the sauna, his clambering up will doubtless leave you with a face full of Betty Swollocks (but fortunately no pubes)
  • If you are in a sauna and there is a schedule of events that looks like at 3pm there will be ice-tea and you can't believe your luck, don't
  • An 'ice tea event' may well turn out to be sitting in a packed (would it be tautology to remark that it really, really was hot?) sauna whilst a loin-cloth clad young man pours ouzo/ pernod/ aniseed onto the coals and then proceeds to waft it in your face
  • If whilst sitting through the above procedure you feel a bit hot and dizzy and decide to leave, your exit will be echoed by lots of Germans cheering and shouting no doubt hilarious things about what a light-weight you are to the growing amusement of the rest of sweaty inhabitants of the pine-clad room
  • Sauna's are great places to go if you are fed up of being surrounded by pregnant women, they aren't recommended for the pregnant
  • I quite miss the husband when I don't see him for a whole weekend
  • I don't see enough of my friends who live on the continent
  • Although, I saw rather too much of them this weekend.


  1. Ah, let em laugh! That doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Especially the hairless german men. Hmmm. No.

  2. Okay, yes I do read your blog but I had to check you hadn't mentioned that one of the things you found out on your journey of discovery in the naked spa was that red-heads are indeed red all over....

    Having spent the day naked with you I feel that you will now fully understand my possible consideration of the idea of a modest boob job.

    And by the way, your boobs are the most amazing I've ever seen in real life (not that I was looking, of course).

  3. Lea, actually it was really fun. I though willies looked funny enough au natural but without hair, well, I just had to keep remembering not to point and laugh.

    Fourteen years, Wig, fourteen bloody years it has taken me to persuade the husband that there was no lezzing-up action at school and then look what you go and write. Still he's really keen to pencil in a date for you to come and stay again! xx

  4. I think it sounds lovely.

    And I love reading your blog....for what its worth.

  5. If I may contribute, there isn't nearly half enough nakedness centred blogging going on.

  6. Thanks Sarah, i love reading yours too. (Mutual appreciation, can't beat it!)

    Xbox, I have no doubt there is far too much naked blogging going on although I suspect you aren't looking in the right place, and if you tried, at work say, you would be escorted out of the building with a cardboard box of your personal effects quicker than you can say "but I was looking for spas".

  7. I really must visit a Euro spa. We don't do enough naked on this side of the pond.
    Glad you had a great relaxing weekend.

  8. You need to add naked saunas to your "Look on the Brightside" list!

    Naked hairless German men, now that is a picture that I would like to see posted on your blog!

    Sounds like you are coming up with some good ideas to pass the three months....

  9. Leslie, Yup I would recommend it. And I slept really well afterwards, maybe this is how we manage to capture the illusive 'just relaxing'.

    Secret D, well there is a naked hairless Italian pictured in the next post. That close enough?

  10. Sounds interesting although I'm not a very big fan of saunas or anything else overly hot.


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