Saturday, 15 November 2008


This time two years ago we were on holiday, sorry, honeymoon. And now, not by design, we are going on another November European jaunt.

There are few differences.

Then I was blond now I'm a red-head (both fake, my natural colour is a dull beige).

Then we were off in southern in Spain, now we are heading to northern Italy.

Then we had no responsibilities, today we had to take the dog back to the kennels from whence he came. (That backwards glance he gave as he was lead away almost broke me - but then I remembered he was just a dog and he'll have a great time playing with his old doggy chums and its only a for week).

Another key difference was then we were leaving the contraception behind. We were going to ... cue excited glances and deep breaths ... "start trying for a baby". Rationally I knew that it was unlikely that we'd conceive within two weeks of starting trying. But I couldn't help but think, honeymoon babies do happen. So someone has to hit that jackpot. Why not us?

Why not indeed? Well, the battery of test over the last year has supplied the answer to that. Its down to a combination of polycystic ovaries and endometrial atypia (that's the medical term for lots of gunk in the womb). And hopefully nothing else.

So this holiday is a bit different to the last. We've packed the "sheeeffss" (as the French doctor calls them).

Thanks to the provera there will most certainly be no trying to conceive action (but hopefully thanks to the aforementioned barrier-contraceptives there will be some action), but in many ways we are much closer to conceiving than last time, because we are on our way to getting ourselves sorted.

So we fly off tomorrow. Its been a tough few months, for more reasons than the scope of this blog, and we are gagging for a break.

And, I love the dog, but without him we get to lie in together for the first time since January. Hmmmm, might pop a few more sheeefffss in the bag (well, we have to keep practising).


  1. Heh sheeefs.....that always cracks me up.

    Have a fantastic time.

  2. Funny my last overseas holiday was my honeymoon and I too was formally blond.

    You know what some people say, you get married, dye your hair darker then go shorter. Is that true for you?

  3. Cheers, Sarah (loving the new pic btw)

    How do you turn a fox into a hippo?

    Marry her.

    (Yes, it is shorter and darker, but i think I look hotter)

  4. Have a good holiday, hope you get to recharge those batteries.

  5. Have a good trip and I hope you need lots of sheeefs. Italy sounds wonderful. One of those places I'd love to go.

  6. Hope you're having a fab time. I've never been to Italy, it's on my holiday wish list.

  7. Hope you are having a great time. That sheeefs thing cracks me up too. :) Love it.


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