Thursday, 23 October 2008


Those of you with exceptional memories may recall that my big push for an autumn/ winter conception included some life changing decisions (kinda). Well thanks to the provera I'm not going to get knocked up this side of Christmas, but that doesn't mean I can't make like a boy scout and be prepared.

So a quick revisit of the resolutions reveals something that curiously I haven't blogged about. Yoda Yogi Yoga

Now you need a bit of back story. Whilst at university I was a demon yogie. I was supple, dedicated, and so big an advocate for it that I managed to pursuade my Dad to take it up.

Fast forward ten years, not so. My dad however, my 62 year old ex-army officer dad, he's still doing his weekly practice - though hasn't taken up the spliffs or hippy lifestyle (as far as I know).

The problem is, my first teacher was brilliant. I left town and had never found a teacher that I clicked with. I tried yoga that involved hitting yourself in the chest whilst humming, yoga in saunas, yoga under duvets, Iyenga, Astanga, yoga in gyms, yoga in people houses. But no one was as good as Claudia. Gradually I stopped looking.

But with the new resolve I had to get back to it. With the dog timings were hard. Most classes round me start at 6 which even if I leave work bang on time doesn't give me time to get home, walk the dog and make it to class.

But then I found a 7pm class at a local dance school. It was like coming home. I found myself grinning throughout the class. This was yoga as I knew it. I was back, I was once again going to be a yoga-goddess. At the end of the class the tutor announced that was his last session.


So last week I found another class. Time not quite so good, location a bit further away, and you had to sign up for 6 sessions up front. I had reservations but this was my 'last' chance.

Oh dear.

It took a while to get over the nausea induced by the copious amount of incense burning. By then we were into the practice it seemed to consist simply of rubbing ourselves. We rubbed our hands together, we rubbed our faces with said hands, we ran our hands seductively down our body, down our legs, up our inner thighs.

By the end of it all I could think of was my ex-flatmate explanation for why he stopped coming to yoga: "With all those fit women in the class, I just knew that one day I'd be standing in Vrksasana with an enormous erection."

I didn't find it so exciting. But maybe it'll get better next week.


  1. Hope you find a class you like. I keep thinking I need to give it another try and yet keep not doing it.

  2. I know what you mean about having to click with the teacher. My main reason for trying yoga was because I have suffered from back pain on and off since I was eighteen years old. The first time I tried yoga, the class I went to was far too crowded, everyone crashing into one another, and the teacher was just totally uninspiring.

    A couple of years later I found this wonderful teacher who was about 3 minutes walk from my office, who ran classes on a pay as you go basis. She was absolutely fantastic. Also a total fruit loop, but I think sometimes that can go with the territory. The type who could spontaneously burst into song at the end of a meditation session. However, she taught me ways of ridding myself of back pain that were invaluable. Within weeks of starting with her, I was able to touch my toes for the first time in over a decade.

    One of the downsides of leaving Dublin to move to the arse end of the country was that I lost my brilliant yoga teacher, but I found a really good one down here a few years back. I went for a year or so, but haven't been back since my first miscarriage. I was thinking last night I must give her a call and see when the next round of classes are starting.

    Hope the class improves for you and that you start to get more out of it.

  3. Good gracious, your finding a good yoga class is like my attempts to find a good hair stylist, thank God, you don't have to wear yoga on your head. I've always thought I would enjoy yoga, I had no idea about all the different styles. I hope your next class shows more promise. Good luck!

  4. I have absolutely NOTHING to add to a yoga conversation.

    So, Hi!

  5. Thanks Batty, its one of those things that takes a lot of thinking about - took me about 6 months to actually do it.

    Hey Jane, the right teacher is crucial. Though sounds like you've given your own exercise routine a kick start anyway. Let's hope we both keep it up.

    Deborah, hello, yes rthere are loads of different types, I defy anyone not to enjoy it if they find a class that suits them, but its finding that class...

    X, hi! thanks for dropping by - I'll try and make the next post more universal.


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