Sunday, 19 October 2008

Spot the difference

I was right! My body is really trying to soldier on and ignore the fact that I am taking provera and have a period that confounds medical science. Meanwhile the drugs are acting like the little boy who stuck his finger in the dyke (that could go so many ways but keep it clean and in context dear reader), and preventing a full-on flow, but still there is a drip, drip, drip. I believe the technical term is spotting.

Though to be honest there isn't much difference. The pains aren't quite so bad and the flow isn't quite as heavy. But I still had tender boobs leading up to it, I still felt unaccountably miserable then once it started everything fell into place, and I still have a craving for chocolate (Ok. Point taken. I still have a craving for chocolate, more than normal).

So I clearly did ovulate a couple of weeks ago, but by then I was just starting the provera so I purposefully didn't let myself test for it. I knew it would be a waste of time. But it appears this was the first time I ovulated on schedule for 6 months.

Rationally I know that my womb lining needs some serious tlc before it can play host to a wee baby (or two - is that greedy?). But I still sort of wish we had delayed the provera just for a couple of weeks and had one last try by ourselves. One chance at seeing whether the acupuncturist's "thrilling of my chi" had had some effect.

Oh well. Not to be. I suspect this post is just the hormones talking.


  1. I had to read over that part about the little boy with his finger in the dyke a couple of times. Ok so I'm slow. Good to hear that maybe your body is trying to do it's job. Hopefully after a little break it will pick things back up and get busy with what it's supposed to do. And no, you're not being greedy wishing for 2.

  2. I'm barely hanging on to the state of play here with all these drugs and that.

    The 'what if' of maybe having had a go yourselves is understandable.

    I know I will be chuffed if we get what we want, but a small piece of me will be sad if we don't do it naturally.

    2 ain't greedy, not now.

  3. No, two isnt greedy. And y'know what, even if it've earned that right!

    The what if's are the worst....they are ALWAYS there. I do my damnedest not to dwell on them though, or I'll go crazy(er)

  4. Nice to know our bodies do work..sometimes. 2 is not bad...even 3 wouldn't be pushing it. ;)

  5. Batty, Good to hear there are still some innocents out there!

    Xbox, I'm barely hanging on, full stop.

    Sarah, sounds like every one is allowing me my two babies fantasy.

    Decade, 3 is a bit scarey! But 2 is good.

  6. Glad to hear that the acupuncture seems to be doing its thing!

  7. It's encouraging that the accupuncture helped matters. As you know I'm going to start it myself next week.

    Two is not greedy at all. My doc told me last week that upping my dose of clomid to 150mg puts me at greater risk of multiples. I wouldn't mind twins but I think I'd balk at triplets, from a childcare pov view if nothing else.

  8. Not just the hormones. I've had that feeling lots of times. It's so hard to be "patient" when patient hasn't worked so often.

  9. Hi Ms H, yeah I'm feeling the acupuncture again.

    Jane, yeah triplets could be tricky. my mum always said twins was fine - one on each boob - but I don't have a third nipple!

    Barb, I'm trying to fill my time between now and Christmas but patience isn't easy.


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