Thursday, 30 October 2008


When I was being upbeat about my enforced three month respite from trying to conceive I
listed being able to visit my mates on the continent (without worrying I would be missing an impregnation opportunity), as a good thing.

And tomorrow my womb-mate and I will hop on a eurostar and make our way to Bruxelles. We'll meet up with our two continent inhabiting friends for a girlie weekend.

But its not all roses. That same list about the positives also declared that with no dates with the dildo-cam I could embrace the retro muff.

So what have we got planned for the weekend? A nudist spa in Germany (of course its in Germany, those krauts can't keep their clothes on).



Do you think Locks of Love want a donation?


And quick update. I have finished my A to Z of the kind of advice (I believe the correct internet term is assvice) that anyone who is trying to get pregnant will get from well-meaning , but ultimately infuriating, folk.

But it is a fluid list so feel free to keep suggesting stuff and I'll update the best ones.


  1. OMG, that Locks of Love thing is hilarious! Yikes! Have a great trip!

  2. Brussels is a great town for a night btw, I'll wave at all trains passing my way over the weekend.

  3. Thanks Lea! Will do.

    X, It'll be like the Railway Children you wave the red flannel petticoats and I'll be the kindly old gentleman. Or something.

  4. I had a bad experience the last time I played little boy to kindly old gent on the train....

    But I got a bottle of ginger ale from it, so...

  5. Bugger ME that sounds painful! I just winced.

    So are you going to... you know... bare all?!

  6. Wouldn't worry about the Germans, they usually have big hairy armpits, so I'd say you'd be fine with the retro muff. I don't dare click on the locks of love link, as I am surfing at work :)

  7. X,So, was it worth it? Isn't ginger beer rhyming slang...

    HFF, yeah I reckon when in Rome I eat pizza, so when in Germany, well you have to get your kit off. Don't you?

    Jane, As if I would risk your job by linking to a dodgy site! Its a charity that makes wigs for kids who lose their hair.

    Right, off to get my train. Wa-hay!

  8. Have a great time!

    (I grew up in Europe, and to this day CANNOT understand the Anglo-American urge to rip absolutely all their personal fun-fur off. You'll probably get a lot more weird looks for ripping than not ripping).

    (Admittedly, I do shave off anything that won't tuck into a swim-suit. I'm not THAT European).

  9. Brave girl. And laughing hysterically at the locks of love thing.


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