Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Eau De Vie

Yesterday one of my closest friends gave birth to a little boy. (I say little, but at 9lbs 5 he wasn't exactly a tiddler).

I was worried how I would react to the news. When she told me that she was pregnant I had ju
st had my first set of tests back from the Doctor and had got the all clear, I'd ovulated when the pee stick told me I had and the husband's sperm were 'normal'. (Howzat for an accolade?!)

That was back in February.

I kept hoping that by the time she had the baby I would be pregnant. As the weeks and months went past I kept having to mentally re-adjust the age difference between our children. Until I had to concede it wasn't going to happen this time.

But, when I got the email yesterday I felt nothing but delight and relief that they are
both safe and well. Ok I was little upset that there wasn't a picture included (Frog, if you are reading this wack one over pronto - Oh, and congratulations, almost forgot that).

It is something I've remarked
on before (but hey, I'm running out of material here until I can get back on the ttc wagon), strangers babies are much more likely to make me feel jealous and broody than those of my friends. My friends ones are allocated, strangers seem to have been come by so easily.

And why the title? It literally translates as water of life. And is apt because the new boy’s initials are ODV (say it out loud, it'll make sense).


  1. Oooh they had a biggun! My son was 9lbs 12oz. Big babies!
    Congratulations to your friend.

  2. 9 lbs 5? Owie owie owie.

    I know what you mean. Some people deserve their pregnancies and their babies and we can be whole-heartedly happy for them and delighted with the dear little (little? 9 LBS 5!) new people.

    Strangers make me horribly wistful. I do ask 'why is she so special then?' And of course, no doubt, she ISN'T. Except, she is.

  3. Yep, I know what you mean about strangers' babies versus friends' babies. I suppose when we don't know peoples' histories we take it for granted that their cute little babies were easily made, which of course isn't always the case.

    9lb 12oz, did he come out with a school bag on his back?!

  4. I don't seem to have issues with friends/family having their first babies, I tend to get a little more, oh I'll admit, jealous, when #2 and #3 come along and I still have zero.

  5. It's good that you feel this way about your friends' babies.

    I hate the fact that my friends' babies are a constant reminder of just how long we have been trying to conceive. Admittedly we started trying when three of my friends were already 2 months pregnant but their first borns are now approaching two and two of them are now expecting number two -very frustrating....

  6. Sarah, I'll pass it on!

    May, it was a ceasarean so at least he did get out the front way.

    Jane, yes, I always assume that everyone got pregnant within two months of trying unless I conclusively know otherwise. i don't know why, this blog has certainly taught me that there are a whole lot of us out there.

    Hi Deborah (I'm contemplating doing your meme as I have so little to write about just now), this is number two but only her first since we've been trying so don't feel lapped yet.

    Secret D, its the pregnancy announcements I find harder than the actual birth 'cause by then I've had 8 - 6 months to reconcile myself to the idea.

  7. I cant get my head around who Im happy for or not.

    One current family pregnancy makes me f***** sick!

    While most others are ok.

    Congratulations to your friend.


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