Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Always the Godparent

Never the God.

Er ... I mean parent.

I've got three Godkids. Which is quite impressive for someone who is more likely to lead children astray than keep them on the straight and narrow path to a life of virtue and chastity.

My first is fifteen now (I know, I don't look old enough, people think we are godsisters). She is a brilliant, scholarship pupil, sporty, musical and pretty. One of my proudest moments was when she added me as a friend on facebook - Oh yeah I am, like, so, like, down wit da kidz man, innit. (Since then I have had to change my settings, not so she can't see what I'm doing but I don't want to know what she gets up to.)

The next wee mischief maker is a one year old minx. Incredibly cute, willful and, although I'm a little concerned she might turn out ginger (or as her Mum always described her own hair - titian), she's still pretty cool.

And the husband and I are due to be joint Godparents to a little boy soon. His mum was the husbands flat-mate (platonic) at University, so the three of us have know each other for 14ish years. She married two weeks after us, a date arranged so we'd be back from honeymoon and not miss it. Her son was conceived a few months later, he is just shy of one now. She doesn't know we are trying, she's oblivious to the fact that her son is a physical reminder of what we should have. She has even said that she wished she could have waited a bit longer, like us, but because her husband is a fair few years older than us, and she already has a daughter from a previous relationship, they felt she should crack on. However, on the positive side it is a testament to our marriage that she has asked us to be joint Godparents - she said she wouldn't have done it if she didn't think we had an incredibly strong marriage. Which is nice.

Those three, plus my sister, who doesn't want to go through the christening malarky has left me her son in her will. Or I'm his default guardian - or whatever the legal term is.

So either our friends and family have recognised what awesome parents we will be, or the scheeming bia-tches have figured this is the best way for their kiddies to get their sticky little fingers on an inheritance should we die rich and childless. It's a high risk, long term strategy, so I'm going with the former.

Kelley from Magneto Bold Too asked us recently to post about how awesome we are - I reckon this is a pretty strong endorsement, no?


  1. Will you be MY Godmother?

    Cause I don't have one and I need me some serious botox baby.

    You totally rock. People don't even trust me with their plants.

  2. That's funny, I was thinking of a similar post, along the lines of "Always the Auntie". I'm an auntie 18 times over. Two of those are my godchildren, nieces aged 13 and 11. I've been told they both look like me, God help them!

  3. I'm pissing myself at the notion no-one wanted to be Kelley's godmother...

    Jane beats me by 1.

    Oh yes, the post... I love the idea of the dual godparent thing.

    That speaks volumes about you two as a couple actually.

  4. Kelley love, I'm a serial godmother not a miracle worker.

    Jane, 18 time?! No wonder St. patrick's day is such a big deal - that'll just be your family out on the piss.

    X, I do the abusing of commenters on this blog. OK I'll allow one quick swipe at Kelley.

    And I refer you to my comment to Jane re Irish families.

    Yes, about me. Wait a minute. Is this you being snide?

  5. I'd say its a REALLY strong endorsement! I think you'll be fab parents as well. It speaks very highly of you two on a whole. I know I certainly wouldnt entrust my son to two people unless I thought they had a very strong relationship, and we're MORE than just good people.

    Kelley...I'll be your godmother...I may not be super god mother like WFI, but I'm really freakin fun!
    I have to say though, I cant afford your habits. Okay...I'll be a sucky godmother. Forget it!

  6. Sounds like a tremendous testament to you both - you're right, you both rock!


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