Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Hysteroscopy

Well, that put a whole new slant on the phrase "Make love to the camera".

The hysteroscopy today was pretty confusing.

I'd warned the doctor I had a long cervix but even still he insisted on using the same type of cold, metal speculum used during my HSG before, once again, conceding defeat and shoving a plastic one up there.

It was fascinating as I watched the tiny camera work its way up in to my womb and have a look round.

As my womb was filled with liquid I started to get cramps and my legs shook. The nurse told me I was brave.

The doc confidently pointed out my polyps, then another, then another. There were loads, he was concerned. My womb walls should be smooth, but mine looked like a coral reef of floaty jagged bits. The doc thought I might need to rebook and have a general anaesthetic to take them all out.

A consultant was bought in. He barely glanced at the screen. "They aren't polyps, that's the womb lining. Do a biopsy. And don't use that camera again its got frosting on the lens". He was off.

My womb was scraped and a test tube filled.

I was released. I asked the doctor what had happened to the polyps and whether there was one. He said not. And that the results of the biopsy would be given to me at my appointment in October.

Now? I'm at home, I feel nauseous and dizzy. A bit of cramping, but mainly want to puke. Still don't feel like I have any answers.


  1. How confusing! You've got a case of disappearing polyps on your hands. I hope you get clarification and reassurance at your next appointment. In the meantime, rest up!

  2. What in the world. One guy says polys the other says no...time for a third opinion! Sorry you feel icky hope it goes away soon. I don't know if I like that NHS thing, if you wanted another opinion how would you do it since they basically send you to the doctors.

  3. WTF? I hope you get your answers SOON!

  4. Dear God, I hate consultants that are terse and uncommunicative. But I also hate doctors who confidently tell you stuff that gets de-bunked later! Hmmm. Who to be annoyed with most?!

    I'm sorry it didn't result in a clearer idea for you. Roll on next appointment.

  5. That does not sound pleasant at all!! I'm so sorry. I hope you get a real, firm answer soon.

  6. Wow. That is NOT fun! Take it easy chica.

  7. I'm so sorry about this hysteroscopy experience. I hope you are feeling better soon and that you also are able to find out some answers. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  8. 'Don't use that camera, it's got frosting' would have been a FAR more useful remark if the camera in question hadn't been in your uterus at the time. Honestly, doctors. And how amazingly ****ing annoying to not know if the lining is normal, and the camera was wrong, or not. At least they took a biopsy.

    My polyps looked smooth and round and blobby, rather than jaggedy, so I am hopeful that it was just womb-lining and bad camera.

    Would very much like to take every consulant out for a quick beating to the repeated chant: 'that's a HUMAN BEING you are poking. Treat them as such.'

  9. So confusing! I hate it when doctors forget that we are human beings laying there with our legs spread, showing our parts to everyone in the room. Completely insensitive and shitty!

    Hope that you are able to get some answers soon - keep us posted

  10. Well, I'm glad those weren't all polyps but hope you get some more information soon. Hope you're feeling better.

  11. [Insert lengthy rant about the NHS]

    I'm so sorry about the insensitive manner in which this procedure was carried out. I hope you get some more answers at your appointment in October - will you get to see the consultant then, or are you stuck with the junior doctor?

  12. That sounds rubbish - and was the consultant as rude in the flesh as he sounded? He might be right but still ...

    All sounds horrible and so frustrating not to have any answers. Roll on biopsy results, hopefully that will give you some answers.

    LOVED the opening line though. Is it really insensitive to laugh?

    Claire (still lurking)

  13. How frustrating! Let's hope you get some answers at your next appointment. Hope the nausea goes soon.

  14. Leslee, not convinced the polyps has gone, just hiding from the consultant, we'll see...

    BFNs, yup, a second (private) opinion is becoming increasingly attractive.

    Sarah, I have no idea

    Hairy farmer,If I had to put money on it I'd go with the doc, the consultant was so cursory I didn't really trust him.

    Miracles, I've had pleasanter!

    Barb, I have had a quiet few days thanks.

    Sara, thank you.

    Nuts, I didn't know you had polyps too. I think I had a bit of both the smooth and round, and jagged. but the consultant didn't hang around enough to see both.

    Leslie, yup I'll certainly update, Though doubt I'll hear anything before October.

    Batty N, Cheers.

    Heathen, NHS rant noted. The thing is it wasn't even a junior doc but a specialist registrar, just not a high up the pecking order as a consultant.

    Claire, you've moved on from lurking to commenting! Gold star for you.

    Secret D, Nausea gone. Next time I want it to be morning sickness.

  15. how very disappointing (hugs)
    I had mine under a GA. Hope the biopsy sheds some light.

    Yes a very creative opening one liner -glad you can keep your sense of humour.

  16. I really hope you get some clear answers soon. It's so frustrating to get one opinion and then something totally different. Hope you next appointment is more conclusive. Good to hear you're feeling better.

  17. jesus, sorry about the arsing around.

  18. Baby~A, The doc mentioned a GA when he thought I had lots of polpys but then changed his mind. Who knows what is going on now.

    Jane, More waiting for answers, but I'm getting good at that now.

    Xbox, Literally arsing around my arse ... not fun.


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