Sunday, 28 September 2008


So Nicole Kidman.

41 year old, Nicole Kidman.

Mother of two adopted children, Nicole Kidman.

Yeah, that one. Would have us believe that she got pregnant by swimming in a watering hole. Her and six other women whilst making a film.

Just how much is the Australian Tourist Board paying her?

That's all.


  1. So.....when do you want to book our flights?

  2. She was KIDDING!

  3. Of course it had nothing to do with a really good RE.

  4. PUHLEESE!!! Hollywood people drive me insane!!!

  5. We could have an international IF bloggers convention in Australia! Sounds like a great plan to me....

  6. This wee gem of news popped up on the big jumbo screen while we were away 'forgetting' about all this.

    Cheers Nic...

  7. I wasn't able to click on that link, but looked it up. Wow. What got me was when it said her "surprise pregnancy." I highly doubt this pregnancy was without help.

  8. yeah, her "surprise pregnancy" due to magic waters. uh huh. Thanks, Nicki.

  9. Sarah, Well it's warming up for summer there so how does November sound?

    Anonymous, REALLY? I take things very seriously in this blog. Thanks for letting me know...

    Batty, Its all in the water, don't be so cynical.

    Leslie, That and JLo didn't have IVF. Just one of those things, I guess.

    Jane, So Sarah and I are going out in November. perfect time of year for a dip. I will be drafting a letter to get sponsorship from the tourist board shortly.

    Secret D, Brilliant that's four of us. This is going to be massive. (Do you think we need to take the husbands or will the water be enough?)

    Xbox, good to have you back, hope your trip was good. I cunningly deduced Canada, but you are wishing you plumped for the Antipodes, but I guess you'd have to deal with Australians then.

    Barb, What? Do you? Sigh. Better unpack then.

    Amber, I bet she wasn't even trying, just one of those things.

  10. DOH! A family friend just forwarded this news along to me yesterday. I didn't even bother reading it.


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