Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Count it!

As much for me as anyone else I thought it would be useful to have a quick, and easy to refer to, day count for my cycles.

***Update*** Difficult to know when this period started as I had a coil put in and the bleeding that that bought on seems to mutate into a full blown period. So on or around the 1 of Feb, after about 104 days of waiting - even with 3 months of Provera to try and bring it on. I'm a bit concerned that I was told there was a danger of the period happening for the full six months I have to have the coil for whilst my womb is thoroughly cleaned out. We shall see.

***Update *** The October period was bang on schedule at 31 days (for me that is bang on), which is particularly confusing as I was 10 days into my provera taking which should have stopped me having a period. What can I say I am a biological freak.

*** Update *** 89 days as of 18 September. It has arrived. Next cycle started, count re-started let's see how long this one is.


  1. I really don't know how appropriate it is to laugh or not right now.

    It's horrible I know.

  2. Ok, have you tried wearing white pants?? or going comando?? LMAO

  3. Xbox, you've got to laugh. Its the only way.

    BFNs, You have a point, over the years I've started at the most inconvenient times - first time o holiday with a friend, a job interview, my wedding day (caught before any damage was done!)

  4. I've had cycles like that. They made me want to poke myself in the eyes with a cocktail stick.

    Go commando, in white trousers, seventeen miles from the nearest chemist, in front of the inlaws, just before a job interview, with no change of undies, and preferably in the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

  5. I agree with the white pants part..and in front of a crowd..when you have to give a presentation of some sort. Aunt Flo sure has a shitty since of humor..

  6. Maybe your sense of humor about this will bring it on very, very soon! Hope so, anyway.

  7. That surely must be some kind of record!

    I hope it shows up soon...

  8. Too funny nutsinmay

    Womb I forget did you get provera this time or what??

  9. Nuts, Elfie, Where's the female solidarity? If I didn't know better I'd start to think you actually wanted my trousers to make like the Japanese flag. OK it would make a good post. But NO!

    Sarah, oh my indeed.

    Leslie, I think the others have decided that it is aunt flo's sense of humour not mine that is going to produce results!

    Ms Heathen, I have the Guinness Book of Records on speed dial just have to beat my previous 'best' of 90 days.

    BFN, I refer you to my previous commet about female solidarity (ok it was a bit funny). No provera, they won't give that to me until my next appointment which is in a couple of weeks, wonder if I'll need it then.

    @ everyone who reads this later. At the time of writing the counter showed 80 days. I plan to reset it each time I get a period because it is much easier to refer to this than count days in the diary so this might not make much sense if you are reading this and the total is only on 12 days or something...


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