Wednesday, 6 August 2008


After the appointment with the French Doc she arranged for me to have a scan the following week, that's today.

So I arrive.

And wait.

I'm called into the room by the scan Doc, someone completely new. And, she seemed completely clueless.

She asks why I need the scan I try to explain about the rough tubes that had shown up on the HSG.

She looks through my notes find the suspected subseptate uterus noticed in January (the cleft womb I mention here).

I explain that I have already had a scan in March to check this and got the all clear

She looks confused.

She asks me what day of my cycle I am at:
"Day 47"

She practically rolls her eyes at me, "No I mean when was your last period? Are you mid-cycle?"
"I know what you mean, it has been 47 days since my last period."
"And you're not pregnant?"

She IS confused.

She asks me to wait whilst she find the French Doc who referred to me to work out what she is supposed to be looking for, clearly she figures I am an unreliable witness.

She leave the room. I look at the referral sheet.

It says I am on day 47 and to investigate a HSG anomaly.

Shit, my Doctor can't read!!

She can’t find the French doctor.

She asks me to wait in the corridor.

She goes away.

The French doctor walks past:
“Ah! You have had your scan!”
“No, but...”
“Zis is fine, someone will come and get you soon”
“She did, but she couldn’t...”
“Don’t worry”
She walks off.

The scan doctor comes out.
“The French doctor went that way”
I wait.
The French doctor reappears.
She seems to have spoken to someone.
“Don’t worry iz fine”

She goes away.
The scan doctor comes out.
"Have you seen the French doctor?"
"Yes she went that-a-way, I thought you'd seen her."

Its like a French farce as one door closes another opens they can’t find each other.

Eventually the scan doctor says she has to do a scan on the next person waiting – fair enough.

The French doctor comes out again
"Have you seen ze scan doctor?"
"Yes, she is in there. BUT! sheisdoingascanonsomeoneelse."
I managed to get out before she barges in.

She brings me into another room.
"This", she declares, "is serendipity."

She goes on to say, you aren’t going to get you scanned by any old doctor meet Mr S... Mr S is the premier scanner, this is no ordinary scan you are going to get a state of the art top of the range 3d scan. She then helpfully explains that 3d means three dimensional. This is the woman who has been hurling complex medical terms at me and she thinks I don’t get 3D?!

But, of course, the 3d scan is in the other hospital across the road and I’ll need another appointment.

Mr S starts to write me a referral and then decides that he is popping over later so he’ll book my appointment and let me know when it is. I say it is fine I’ll go over myself book it. But no thinking he’s doing me a favour he insists.

I want to say:
"Look this has been a bit of a fuck up this morning I don’t trust you to a) book me an appointment or b) tell me when it is."

But I don't. I leave.

Now, I await a three dimensional scan. Apparently the waiting list isn’t that long. Only a couple of weeks. Clearly the doctor does not know what all we ttc-ers know, a two week wait is actually quite a long time.

So once again, I'm not feeling very upbeat. But things still continue to move forward, albeit slowly.


  1. Fuck, seriously.

    How do these people stay in these jobs?

    Why do they seem shocked when you tell them your symptoms? If everything was hunky dory you wouldn't be there for the love of god.

    I HATE having to repeat our case history to everyone we meet when they have all the information.

    I HATE having to point out something that is in the history that would rule out or help with a certain test or check they want to do.

    It leaves me with no confidence in them at all.

    We are always upbeat going INTO these thing but leave feeling let down.

    I hope the scan comes around fast, and they cut out the nonsense.

  2. Ahhh!!! I am banging my head off my desk on your behalf. That is just so frustrating. The fact that she wouldn't even read your chart is just head wrecking.

    I hope the time goes by quickly for you and that the scan throws up some answers.

    As you Brits are wont to say, it's pants, isn't it?

  3. Sounds like a comedy of errors.

    I do hope that you will get your scan and it will be 3d and fabulous.

    By the way, I've also tagged you. Come over for the details.

  4. Holy crap, that's crazy! Loved the way you told it even though I'm sorry you had that experience.

    By the way.. CD50 something is nothin'. My regular is 90 some days without Ovulation and then AF shows up in a really ugly way. sigh.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous! This sort of thing really does leave you with such little faith in the very people who are supposed to be helping us!!

    I hope you get some good information soon! I know it causes me a lot of anxiety to feel like I have to repeat my whole case history again and again because I'm afraid I'll leave something out which will lead to some other issue...UGH!! I'll be reading along..

    Thanks for the feedback on my blog today. I laughed out loud at it.

  6. Xbox, I went to the appointment with all my referral letters etc and kept leafing through them to find the right bit. Next time I'm going with an A4 summary and think I'll just give it to them and say read this first. (Oh shit, forgot she couldn't read).

    Jane, Ouch. don't bang too hard. Big fat granny pants.

    Deborah, thanks for the tag. Am getting round to it!

    Barb, just think of the money we are saving on tampons ...

    Leslie, Yup, A4 sheet is the way forward. Glad I made you laugh, humour is the only way I get through this thing without sinking into a self-pitying depression.

  7. What a load of bollocks! So frustrating! Another wait, just what you need. Sometimes you just feel like banging your head against a brick wall..thank god you have a sense of humour.

    P.S. Thanks for the tag, I've never been tagged before!!

  8. I am having flashbacks to the HSG's I suffered through (not painful, my UTERUS!) and the incompetency of every "specialist" who got in the way of me having a baby.

    I hope you get in soon and get the scan.

  9. I know this is a really old post but I'm reading your blog in chronological order - the bit about being on day 47 and the response made me laugh as when I got pregnant in early July 2009 (ended in a miscarriage) I had not had a period since April and NONE of the Dr's or nurses believed me when I told them what the date of my last period was - like I was some kind of idiot!


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