Sunday, 24 August 2008

Rivulets of tears and the torrent of snot

I had this week's post all worked out. It was going to be called something along the lines of 'Do I really want a baby?' and it was going to catalogue, in a humorous, tongue-in-cheek way, the trials of having to look after a two and a half year old.

My big sister, the scissor sister (no not in that way or that way, but because of this), is pregnant for the second time, due in October. Being the frankly wonderful sister I am I offered to look after her two and a half year old son for the weekend whilst her and her man had one last weekend away before the onslaught of another new-born in the house.

The scissor sister lives ten minutes walk away from me so I often pop round and baby sit. But I've never done an over-nighter before. So I was a bit worried about how it would go.

The first hour was a nightmare as the nephew shuddered out through tears, "Whhh-why did mum-mum-mum-mummy l-l-l-leave MEEE?.... *gasp* ... b-b-b-but I lllllooovvveee her."
And as the rivulets of tears melted into the torrent of snot I considered ringing her mobile and saying it had all been a mistake, come back and the husband and I would take her hotel booking.

But then he cheered up. We played trains (I built an awesome track with three junctions, a tunnel, bridge and zoo alongside), we walked the dog, went down the helter-skelter together, and he insisted on accompanying me to the toilet (not so happy about that one - I have a shy bladder if I think there is someone in the next door cubical, let alone if there is a little boy watching me with a curious expression on his face that looked suspiciously like he was doing a sympathy wee in his nappy at the same time). The husband let him stir his chicken on the hob and had him riveted by Green Eggs and Ham (who would guess Sam-I-am was right?). I sang him to sleep - this is the only guy in Christendom who has ever asked me to sing more - and got a soggy kiss goodnight in return.

Of course the dog was upset by staying at my sisters over-night kept us awake half the night, but the boy was brilliant.

So, the conclusion? We've passed and will be kick-ass parents. Just need to get over that first hurdle...


  1. You make minding a toddler sound so wonderful.

    Hope that hurdle gets cleared soon.

  2. I love your post today! It's inspiring and sweet! Glad you had such a great experience with your nephew. I guess working through all of this infertility stuff really will give us all the patience to be kick-ass parents!

    Sounds like you and your hubby really rocked this weekend!

  3. Too bloody sweet.

    I'm not even gonna start on the injustice of it all etc etc.

    Lovely post.

  4. A trip to a friends and staying with a three month old infant for two days cemented my longing to be a mother. Sounds like your nephew won you over as well.

  5. I had my two nephews a few months ago and blogged about my similar realization. I might have been a sh!tty high-school babysitter, but I'm going to be a kick-ass parent.

  6. So brave to offer to look after your nephew! It sounds like you had it in the bag, let's hope it isn't too long...

  7. Glad it all worked out in the end.

  8. Penny, it was pretty cool, makes me miss not having one even more. (Still not sure I could do it every day, but would like to find out).

    Thanks Leslie, we did rock!

    Xbox, I have to go slushy occasionally.

    Deborah (can I call you Debs), the little 'uns get us every time.

    Hi Amber, practice makes perfect!

    secret diary, I'm just storing up credits - lets hope I can cash them in.

    Thanks Sarah!

    Decade, yeah 'twas good. This time.


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