Monday, 18 August 2008

Little Pricks*

Firstly to apologise for the vitriolic rant on Friday, I'd had a shitty day and needed to let off steam. Post-acupuncture session two I am feeling much more Zen and at ease.

When I arrived the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) Doc asked how I'd felt after last week’s session, he'd warned I might feel very tired. I hadn't. Any other symptoms? He looked at me hopefully. I racked my brain, had I felt any different? I still haven't had another period (day 59 and counting). No, not really.

So he clearly felt this time he had to up the ante.

He jabbed in the normal couple in each leg, three in the stomach and the forehead 2, (only my second session and I already have a regular places). He added two more to my hairline. And, two in my right ear. I said last week they didn't hurt like you'd expect pins being stuck in you to hurt but actually the ear ones did. Ouchy. And for good measure I got a pin above each elbow.

He left the pins in for an hour. I don't know if I fell asleep. I didn't drool which is good but I had that experience of having having a really interesting thought but then, with a bit of a start opened my eyes and couldn't remember what on earth I'd been thinking about and concluded it was probably a dream and I'd slept.

He leant over me and did the tweaking of the pins again. This time the electric shock in my foot was so intense that my whole leg jerked up and I very narrowly missed chinning the doc.

Afterwards, now, I do feel exhausted. I will wait to see how things develop. So a couple of you have told me about your experiences of acupuncture, I'd be really interested to hear how any of the rest of you have got on.

* Of course I'm referring to acupuncture, what else could it be?


  1. I've never had accupuncture done for fertility reasons, only for fatigue and back pain. I found it good for both of those. I also had some for kind of "general pick me up" after the miscarriage in May last year. I've always found it good for all round being. I remember once going for a session when I was coming down with a really shitty cold - sore throat, chills, general yuckiness. My accupuncturist said she could give me a needle for that too, so I let her at it. Amazingly, by 9pm that night all cold symptoms were gone. Couldn't believe it!

    I hate the whole needle tweaking thing, that really gives me the heebee geebees! I don't find the needles painful at all, but that I just hate. It's like someone dragging nails down a blackboard. Ewww!

    I'm thinking of going back to get some accu in tandem with the fertility meds, but wouldn't you just know it, my regular accu lady is out on maternity leave, having her fifth baby!

  2. I feel like a coward but I can't do the acupuncture. I believe in its healing abilities but I Haaaaate needles.

  3. After several acupuncture sessions you will probably notice a sudden sense of peace about you. It's grand. Love that part.

    Hang tough,


  4. Stop! Don't go to my blog. You're probably not in the right frame of mind, and it would freak you out.

    I just wasn't thinking and came to your blog from nappy (what a cutie he is). I liked your blog name and forgot where you might be.

  5. I hope that this provides you some relief and a period would be good too I am sure.

  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

    I have to say that I do think acupuncture made the difference for us (although Mr H is far more cynical than I am and snorts in disgust at the mere mention of qi). But it isn't a quick fix - I've been seeing the Chinese Fertility Goddess every week since my first IVF cycle was cancelled due to poor response back in December. I also think that you need to be careful which acupuncturist you choose - does this guy have any experience of treating infertile couples?

  7. Hi Jane, "Heebee geebees" that's exactly right its not painful just feels freaky. Your acupuncturist certainly seems to be her own best advert!

    Penny, Obviously up to you, but if it is just the needle thing that puts you off its not like injections and the pins are more like dress makers pins than injection needles. Let me know if you do decide to take the plunge.

    Laurie, waiting for that moment. And don't worry about me reading your blog - I can take it! I'm not anti fertile people some of my best friends are... no wait a minute ALL of my best friends are fertile!

    Deborah, yup its been too long... Never thought I'd actively want a period, but something needs to be kick started.

    Ms Heathen, without a control its difficult to tell what works but I'm willing to try all sorts (and your endorsement at the moment is a five star bonus). The doc said he'd helped 5 couples this year (but out of how many) so we'll see.

  8. Oh Laurie, just read your blog now. Ignore my last comment sorry. And congrats on your beautiful children.

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