Friday, 8 August 2008

Hold The Front Page!

Just a quickie today, (well the last two have been very long!).

Thought you might be interested to see clomid and IUI (intrauterine insemination) was in the news today.

Link to article in The Guardian.

Now, it is slow news month here in the UK when traditionally journalists trawl the British Medical Journal and New Scientist back issues and find a story that they run as 'breaking news' so this might be old news to you lot, but thought I'd highlight it just in case.

A bit depressing that, in the UK, it might make doctors even more reluctant to try and treat us.

Still its Friday!*

*pathetic attempt to be up-beat.


  1. "Almost all couples with unexplained infertility will have one or both of these treatments, but neither of them is significantly more effective than telling the couple to just go home and get on with it, which is a lot cheaper and more fun," he added.

    Fun? All that worry and heartache is about as much fun as sticking pins in your eyes. I'd bet my house on it that the good doctor quoted here has never had to endure the pain of long term infertility.

    I wonder does he put it this bluntly to his patients? "Now run along home and just get on with it, for goodness sake. At least you'll have fun trying! Ho ho ho!"

  2. Basically, that is what they are doing here in Holland.

    Go home, have sex, come back in 2 years.

    Statistically, they claim, the chances of success for unexplained infertility, are greater with this approach.

    I'm all for the facts, but it's a piss poor way to treat people.

  3. Jane,
    Quite. Couldn't put it better myself.

    Xbox, What is so magical about 2 years? (That was a rhetorical question). It all seems so arbitrary.


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