Friday, 15 August 2008

Friday Rant

Not content with being everywhere I go, I am now being stalked by the pregnant at work - by email.


My job involves setting up courses which are then run by far more talented people than me. Sometimes the courses have to be cancelled because we don’t have enough people enrolled.
Yesterday I had to email someone to say the course wasn’t going ahead. In response I got (and I quote, or rather cut and paste): 

"Actually it’s perfect, I’ve recently found out that I’m pregnant and I’ve been exhausted, the thought of traveling to attend a course was wearing me out."
Then not less that two minutes later I get this email, out of the blue (again any spelling and grammatical errors are their's, other than the course details that have been extracted for anonymity purposes):

"I am contacting you as I have been trying to book the course XXXXXXX on XXXXXX. I highly wish to attend but there seems to be some difficulties reserving. I would highly appreciate if it would be possible to attend the course on that particular day as I am pregnant and it will become difficult for me to attend the course at a later stage."

And I would ‘highly appreciate’ it if people who I have never and will never meet, in the course of a normal work email, would avoid including irrelevant facts about their fecundity.

I need to know if they are pregnant if they are concerned about handling chemicals during the courses (both of the these emails are related to lecture-based courses) or if they have to cancel the course and have to cite a medical reason (other than being a bit tired) to receive a refund.

Maybe I am being over sensitive (surely not!) but it feels like these people are casually mentioning their pregnancy for no other reason than to boast. The sort of people who will shoehorn it into conversation:

“How much is this pint of milk, only I’m pregnant, so would really like to know”
“I love your shoes, but being pregnant I couldn’t possibly wear them”
“As a pregnant woman I’ve noticed that the weather is clement for the time of year”

A word to the pregnants; we don’t need to know unless you want a seat on the bus or need a valid excuse for speeding. To the hospital. Because you are in labour.


Rant over, bile expunged.


  1. I know the feeling. Too bad you can't set a filter on your email to remove that word :)

    I just found your blog the other day. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am really interested in how your acupuncture goes. Keep us posted!

  2. I'm laughing at this one - it's amazing how all these bellies seem to follow me around. They're everywhere. And, I've been asked at least twice this week if we have children. Why is it that when you meet someone new at work, their eyes twinkle when they ask if you have children as if saying yes to this will welcome you into some other hemisphere. And, when you say no, they always say,"..Oh..", followed by crickets chirping.

    I feel your pain. I received an e-mail today from a friend of mine complaining of her fatigue now that she is staying at home waiting for her baby to be born (in November!). She said how much she is enjoying her freedom and just being at home and that she's so tired from her "kiddo".

    I wanted to throw up at that one.

    Okay, I'll go now. Suffice to say, I really identified with your rant.

  3. Oh I love this blog- I just might have this one printed on a shirt I can wear!
    Beth from NC

  4. Hi Fertility, Got my next acupuncture session on Monday so will keep you updated.

    Leslie, yes I get that question with increasing regularity. Rather the chirping crickets though than the "don't leave it too late!" advice. grr.

    Beth, glad you stopped by. Better a shirt with this than those "baby's on board" or "under construction" T-shirts, you know just in case we missed the belly!

    @ everyone - need a bit of technical advice from a more seasoned blogger. Apparently my feed in google reader doesn't work (and I thought I'd been so clever getting the icon up and everything)any ideas how to fix it?

  5. 'Fraid I haven't a clue as regards your technical question, but totally feel your pain as regards the bump stalkers!

    Hope the accupuncture helps.

  6. Heh. Also, who emails out to random people that they are knocked up, much less "recently" knocked up?

    Perhaps you should respond with something ridiculous, like, "And the course can not be rescheduled for more than 3 weeks from today as I will be undergoing a hair transplant." or something.

  7. Awesome post. I think people do it more to get attention than anything else.

  8. argh - what it is with these women - sorry you have having a hard time.I used to hate the pregnant excuse for everything too.
    Though you never know their history or if they had difficulties ttc but seriously they shouldn't share it unless you had the 'gall' to ask.
    Glad the bile is out.

  9. Hmm, being stalked by the pregnant, I think it should be a punishable crime. I too think they mention the P word just to be treated special. ((hugs))

  10. I'm right there with you. Some days you can take it, others you can't. I think I could have a rant almost every day!

  11. I'm loving the spam suggestion, set a filter on your mail, anything with 'pregnant' in it goes into trash

    (you feed is not updating for me, boo...)

  12. Jane G, Just updated about the acupuncture, we’ll see.

    Penny, I know, all I can think is she was bursting to tell someone so a random stranger was her way of telling the secret. I’m feeling a bit calmer about it now.

    Barb, As above I reckon they just wanted to say it. Meh! They needs to think a bit more about who might be receiving the emails.

    baby~amore, I know they may have had a far harder time than I’m having. I will be charitable.

    Deborah, I’m looking over my shoulder as I type.

    Secret diary, Today I can take it, Friday I couldn’t.

    Xbox, It’s a great idea isn’t it. And thanks for still checking in despite the lack of auto updates.

  13. LOL!! It's like shopping for cars, and finding one you love but really can't afford yet and then noticing it everywhere.

    Great rant. Found you on XBox's blog. I'm going to keep following you and hoping it all turns out well soon.


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