Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bits and Bobs

I haven't had a re-occurrence of pregnant emails this week (maybes they read this blog and have stopped, who knows?) but I did get this yesterday that made me laugh.

It was a tutor with a description for a new course, first line:

Collaboration between the college and XXXXXX has enabled us to offer this fertile and dynamic course.

Brilliant! A fertile course, who knew drawing dancers (for that is the premise of the course) could do that? At least I now know what I've been doing wrong, I always figured sex was the key.


After the miserable news story I posted a couple of weeks ago a mate sent through official endorsement for us to eat ice-cream. Its old news but I haven't seen a retraction.

Don't thank me ladies, I am here to serve.

(Just a thought, Murdoch hasn't bought Hagen Daas has he?)


Oh, and remember the scan that never happened? I rang on Monday to see when the appointment was scheduled for and was told the Doc wasn't in till Wednesday so call them. Four calls and answer phone messages later, nothing, guess it'll be another week before I get a date. just hope I get more than a days warning this time.


Finally as I mentioned in one of my comment sections I can't get my blog to appear in google reader (any tips gratefully received) but in researching what might be wrong I discovered that I can see what folk have searched for and found this blog.

My favourites:
"crutch for pregnant people photo 4 babies at a time photo"


"why do people have sheets with holes in them when trying to get pregnant?"

Just something for you all to think about...



  1. Oh the google searches that have landed on my blog would turn your guts purple!

    (I'll have a google on the feed thing tomorrow as it's bound to happen me at some stage, will let you know)

  2. Now there's an easy post whilst the house guests are staying. (And what do you expect if you use terms like 'man gravy' in your blog!)

    I've posted my query on a help site and been given some advice so now its half working, I'm hoping Roger (my knight in a shiny laptop) will be able to sort out the second bit as well. Cheers.

  3. Okay this is driving me demented.

    I use bloglines and you are not coming through there, your 'help wanted' post is the last.

    I tested you in GR and it's fine.
    So from what I see, your feed is fine, just bloglines is not behaving.

    I even followed your feed url back from bloglines and got all your latest posts... so I'm stumped.

    (it has happenned before with a few blogs but the catch up never took this long)

  4. You guys are so funny. You know what this all sounds like to me, blah,blah blah blah blah...not that it's boring, I am just totally clueless. I am lucky I was able to figure this whole blog thing out and feel pretty good when I get my post to view. Good Luck!

  5. Oooh thanks for looking into it Xbox, I think google reader is sorted now (works for the husband but not me, but maybe I can't subscribe to my own blog or something), bloglines is a whole new mystery...

    Hi Deborah, Its pretty much all blah blah blah to me too! Bloody computers.

  6. Touche! I hope you get to skip the whole IVF thing and remain completely clueless. I on the other hand, probably could use some better computer skills and start living in 2008. :)

  7. Hello! Here is your promised nose-kiss. May I share the ice-cream?

  8. My reader just burst at the seems with 25 posts from you!

    so hopefully you are back in bloglines actinon!

  9. Did I understand you to say that eating Ice cream would give me big tah-tah's and have more patience and be less tired?...that's what I THOUGHT I heard.

    You just made my day.

  10. Deborah, A bit of a cheeky comment on your blog but if you see my most recent post you'll see I'll soon become much more familiar with my ovaries soon.

    Jane G, mines a rocky road!

    nutsinmay, pull up a chair

    Xbox, yup reader seems to have been kick started thanks for looking in to it.

    Welcome That Girl, turns outice-cream is a wonder cure and solution to all the worlds ills.

    You just made my day.


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