Thursday, 28 August 2008

Acupuncture and hangovers don't mix

The title says it all really.

I don't know if you noticed but I was a bit pissed when I wrote yesterday's post. And by pissed, my North American friends, I mean drunk rather than angry.

Yes, I know it was a Wednesday and I've been sworn off mid-week drinking. But having not had a period for 68 days now the chances of me being pregnant are slim to nil and sometimes I need a night off (the wagon).

So today's acupuncture (moved from Monday because of a public holiday here) was bad. Painy, ouchy, hurty bad. Today the pins felt like pins, jabbing me and scratching my nerves. It felt like the Doc was doing voodoo but had dispensed with the doll and was shoving the pins directly in me, which was essentially exactly what he was doing.

I couldn't relax, I was by turn bored or in pain, I wanted out of there.

I snapped a bit when he asked when my next period was due "I don't know, sometimes it can be after thirty days, sometimes 90."

He stuck a tiny wee pin in my ear. This will stay there for a week or so and I'm supposed to tweak it two to three times a day until it falls out. Apparently this has a direct line to my womb, and I'm gonna be prank calling until it gets its act together.

And I'm good at direct dialing. After two weeks of ringing and leaving messages with the RMU nurses, the appointment answer phone and the doctors secretaries I now have a date of next Tuesday for my 3D scan.

OK. I think the grumpiness is abated now so I can be bright and chirpy for back-to-back weddings tomorrow and Saturday.


  1. Sorry, but I'm having a right belly wobble at the 'direct line to your womb'.

    I'm planning my drunken blow out this weekend, not that me being drunk or not will affect her womb but anyway...

    We are going to chance acupuncture also if we can find someone who doesn't scare the bejesus out of her.

  2. I love the photo! I'd say you hit that spot on. :) Good to know about not drinking before hand. Sorry you had to suffer through it. Maybe another drink would help?

  3. He left a pin in your ear???? How do you sleep on your side?? That would be a bit freaky. Although I suppose if it brings on the usually unwelcome one, it's good. Hope the hangover wasn't too bad.

  4. Hello xbox, yup need to take a break sometimes. Good luck with finding a suitable doc - it'll be interesting to compare notes.

    Challenged, hair of the dog, always. But definately going to be hydrated and positive next week.

    Hey Batty nurse, i wasn't very clear there! Its like a pin head so just looks like a big black head in my ear. Will try and get a photo up.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog- I've never tried acupuncture, so I found this post really interesting.

    I read back a few posts and saw where you found out you might end up going to IUI. I never really thought we'd end up there either- thought all I would need was some Clomid and we'd be good. I won't go into details 'cause it's all on the blog, but my fs added IUI into the mix as soon as we started messing with my ovaries. Her rationale was- we've worked this hard to get you to ovulate, we want the best chance possible.

    Which, when you consider apparently only 200 sperm ever get past the cervix when you try on your own, seems like good advice.

    IUIs really aren't too big of a deal- they freaked me out something fierce, but they are such a simple procedure, and they don't hurt at all.

    Best of luck- keep me posted on what happens!

  6. I've alwasy wanted to go to an acupuncturist, but there isn't any around here. I was kinda hoping it wouldn't hurt...but now I'm not so sure. Hope your feeling better.

  7. Rescogi (I can't write the whole namke!), I can totally see the logic good to hear it from someone who is a few months ahead. I'll definately be keeping up with your story. And 200 sperm!? Is that all? Out of all those millions. God no wonder it is so hard.

    Elfie, Please don't let me put you off (if you do find a local practitioner). It normally doesn't hurt, but like all these things I think you have to be a bit centered (and re-hydrated) this was a one off and totally my fault, its normally fine.

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