Thursday, 31 July 2008

What's Up Doc?

Thanks to everyone who spent so much time giving me advice in advance of my appointment today. I really appreciated it. So here is the outcome.

The Doctor is a crazy woman! Furiously active, non-stop talker in a thick French-accent, but genuinely nice and wanting to help. However, as the husband couldn't stop saying once we left "absolutely fucking barking!". I liked her.

I didn't get the name of the irregularity they found at the HSG but she told me what it was. Basically when they take the x-ray of my tubes they expect to see a a smooth edge to the tubes. Mine have a jagged appearance, so unblocked but possibly some scar tissue. Doc isn't too worried especially as it hasn't shown up on any other scan I've had to date. But she is going to show the x-ray to a specialist and has suggested another scan to check this out specifically. Depending on what they find they might do a hysteroscopy.

We then got onto the subject of the bloody cycles. Or not so bloody. At the moment I am on day 40 and the last cycle only ended on day 83 after provera. (And yes, I took another pregnancy test this morning just in case ...)

This really galvanised her, and I didn't think she could get more energetic. She booked me in for the scan next Wednesday and told me to book the next available appointment with the specialist nurses clinic so that they can start me on something to regulate my cycles.

The next available appointment with the specialist nurse is in September, the end of September. In 56 days. Most women will have two more opportunities to ovulate/ conceive within that time. I have no idea if I'll get another chance before then. But at least things are still moving forward. And whilst the waiting is annoying I know I'm pretty lucky to be getting this kind of help for free (taxes don't count, right?) and they are taking us seriously.

So generally feeling pretty positive, but had hoped that I'd be coming away today clutching drugs that would start my ovaries pinging out eggs.


  1. I love crazy doctors, there is something reasurring about seeing a mad doctor!

    It's good that things are moving forward, but it's a bummer that you are going to have to wait until the end of September before you will be given something to regulate your cycles. That is the worst part about all this, the waiting - I hate it.

    I hope the time flies by.

  2. Doctors take things one step at a time, which can be so annoying. They just don't take into account how much time we've already put into this infertility business.

    I am glad that you liked her though and maybe you will finally be getting the answers you need.

  3. I know, the waiting is a killer. I'm doing the Napro programme since Nov last, and we haven't been allowed to ttc since then, except for last month when I had follicle tracking. When I got my blood results back at the end of last month they were were the equivalent of being marked "could do better", so we are off the ttc train yet again. They want to see my progesterone get to 60-100 and my oestradiol 400-800. I feel like a consistant underacheiver at the moment :'(

    It's just a great big pain in the arse, isn't it? But look at the positives, they are taking your case seriously, and they are moving along, albeit at snail's pace. Fingers crossed you will get definate answers and that BFP will be along soon.

  4. Thanks Secret Diary, the waiting is indeed a pain. But I could be waiting that long for my next period anyway, at least from Sept things should start moving quicker...

    Thanks Deborah, despite the grumbling at least the Doc is being thorough rather than just leaping in with the drugs.

    Jane, the idea of not being allowed to ttc since November is a killer. Good luck getting an A+ on your next report.

  5. Wow. We have similar problems. Do you have pcos?

    And congrats on the dog.

  6. Thanks for your answer on my blog. That's right! I think I remember you saying that now. Sorry. I got all befuddled by all that reading. :)


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