Friday, 4 July 2008

Totally Off Topic

You know when everything seems a bit bleak and meh! and then something happens that makes the world seem a bit sunnier?

In May we had the elections for the next Mayor of London. It was basically a two horse race with the liberal lefties wanting the incumbant Ken Livingston whilst the right wing wanted the Tory golden boy Boris.

A few days before the election this popped up in a little ally that I walk down to get to work:

A couple of weeks later this appeared:

Then I was walking down the alley and a note appeared stuck on the wall saying something along the lines of:

"Dear Mr Graffiti Artist, Please can you do a picture of Clint Eastward"

And today this:

And this:

and between seeing it and going and getting my camera this:

I love it! When you are having a rubbish day and something like this happens the world seems like a friendly, happy place and you can't help but smile. All afternoon.

Mr Ted Womo, graffiti artist, if by any chance you google yourself and come across this blog then, sir, I salute you.


  1. This seriously cool.

    There would be urine stains on the work where I come from.

    ...and Boris' deputy has resigned already....yikes...

  2. very interesting and amazing stuff - did you try to leave a note ?
    Impressive art too.

    LOL Xbox you don't do that do you ?

  3. Xbox, it is good isn't it? (Both the graffiti and feeling slightly smug and 'I told you so' about the Boris administration - stick to the telly you floppy haired buffoon).

    Baby-A, I didn't leave a note. Although I noticed someone else has now asked for 'Big Daddy' so will see if he comes up with the goods!


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