Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Wait for it

I have my HSG (hysterosalpingogram / fallopian tube check) scheduled for Wednesday 2 July. I've read the information sheet says: "Because of the X-ray nature of this examination, it may be advisable to avoid pregnancy until after your next period has begun".

“May be advisable”, what does that mean?

My last period was over 80 days ago, so if the next cycle is as long do I have to wait all that time?

I haven’t ovulated since 18 March so already feel like I’m making up for lost time even if the next couple of cycles are regular, if I wait the next time I can have sex with any kind of reproductive intentions will be August at the earliest. Which means I'd have had 5 months without any chance of getting pregnant.

But if I go ahead and a miracle happens and there are abnormalities will I wish that I had waited?

If they were clear “Use contraception until after your next period” then I wouldn’t question the advice. But “may be advisable” it just sounds like a catch-all caveat.

Don’t worry I don’t need you to answer I’ll put these questions to the doctor on the day and will report back.

By the way, when I rang to make my appointment, the nurse also told me that I ‘wasn’t allowed ANY physical contact with my partner between now and the HSG’. Wow. Any?! You’d think health care professionals who work in the reproductive medicine unit would be matter-a-fact enough just to say no sex. Unless the girls in the playground were right and you really can get pregnant holding hands with a boy!


  1. Good luck I had mine via ultrasound almost same test but no xrays - sonohysterogram or something.Stick a thin catheter up your vagina , through the cervix and Squirt it with saline/contrast.

    I know what you mean about their wording and language - come on you would think they would get over using the big scary sex word seeing as how they see our intimate private girly bits .

    I hope you get some answers.

  2. Glad to see you are back in the game. That's very funny that they seem to skirt the issue. My nurse puts it point blank-no sex. I prefer this terminology to intercourse, always hated that term, have no idea why. Anyway, I hope your hsg goes good. If they aren't giving you any drugs, I suggest tylenol, I've heard this procedure causes cramping.

  3. Zero advice here lol, just good luck.

    and next time they pussy foot around the term, reply with the most vulgar term for it you can think of!

  4. baby-a, Thanks for the heads up the word catheter scares me (it just sounds so sharp and pointy I don't know why ...)

    Deborah, Cheers I have some pain killers to take before hand and yes, have heard about the cramping too so will keep more stocks for later.

    X box, Thanks mate (and as you may have guessed from previous posts i have plenty of vulgar terms to shock them - but last time I tried something like I that I forgot my 2 year old nephew was in the room, "Aunty said 'can't' really 'can't'".

  5. Good Luck tomorrow.

    Catheters are nice flexible hollow tubes - not a bit spiky or unfriendly so don't worry (I'm a nurse so I have known quite a few in my time!).

  6. Thanks Wig. I guess I usually associate catheters with going up men's willys, this has to be less painful whatever they are like... I'll let you know how it goes.


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