Thursday, 26 June 2008

Spill the beans

So I said earlier that I couldn't keep a secret. That's not quite true. There are some folk that I can't keep a secret from. I mean the girls who know about the blog knew I lost my virginity before the guy I lost it to knew.

But I can keep a secret from my Dad.

Now a bit of back story. My dad is brilliant. Since my Mum died, when I was 15, my dad has been great (well he was fantastic before hand but since he's had to do two jobs). Looking after three teenage girls (even nice, unrebellious ones like us lot) wasn't easy. He'd bulk buy us tampax (always making the same joke about nose bleeds - now do you see where my sense of humour comes from?), he would drive us around if necessary (we lived in the middle of nowhere so it was always necessary), and if we got grumpy he'd cuddle us till we relented and smiled. And tomorrow he is coming for the weekend to make me shelves. (The husband isn't a DIY-er)

I thought about telling him about the whole baby-making deficiency (not about the blog for obvious reasons). But decided that it would raise all kinds of questions I didn't want him to think about (like the fact that I have sex).

It's his wife's 60th next year and she has invited his daughters, their husbands, her daughters, their husbands and the three existing grandchildren to celebrate it with her on holiday. Fine. Portugal will be nice in May. But that is 11 months away, who know's whether I'll be about to drop or have a young baby, or be puking my guts out with morning sickness by then. But they invited me and I didn't feel I could say yes with a caveat of impending pregnancy.

I mentioned to the twin I was surprised they hadn't considered this might be a problem. And then it came out. They spoke to the twin first (who got married about a year ago - 6 months after me) and mentioned the holiday "As long as you aren't pregnant then". The twin is due to start a new job in August and certainly doesn't want to start it pregnant so isn't planning on trying for kids for a wee while so it didn't upset her, but, knowing what we are going through said:

"You'd better not say that to your other daughter [well obviously she said my name but in the spirit of anonynimity you get the picture]".

"I haven't mentioned it to her yet but why not"

"Why do you think? Its not all that easy getting pregnant!"


So now my secret is out and whilst we spend the weekend with father/daughter shelf-building bonding (did any of you get here through googling that phrase?) we are going to have that particular infertility elephant perched on the sofa.

So I'm taking bets on who will crack first. What do you reckon:
a) Womb4Improvement you clearly can't keep you mouth shut, you'll definitely talk to him about it
b) Your dad's going to be dying of curiosity, of course he’ll bring it up
c) You said in your previous post you were British, naturally you won't talk about it but you'll have a jolly good chat about Wimbledon.

Take your pick. Answers on a postcard (or comment box).


  1. Oh that elephant again!

    If it's already 'out there' with him, then maybe you should tackle it.

    But keep the details to 'as much as you really need to know' type thing?

  2. Oh my gosh, to tell or not to tell. That's always a difficult one. Sounds like you have a good relationship with your dad, sometimes it's best just to lay it all out there. Not really knowing either one of you, I'll vote crack first, men typically can be pretty tight lipped. Good luck to you either way!

  3. Thanks Xbox and Deborah,

    In the end I said nothing. I did have a chat with my step mother just the two of us at one point and she asked me how I was, I chatted about work etc. The she asked me again, pointedly, but how ARE you. "Yeah, yeah fine .." I'm not ready to share with her yet.

    Oh and I now have some fantastic new shelves.

  4. That's another thing actually, regardless of whether you're ready to tell or not, you need to make sure you won't be interrupted.

    Nothing worse than being half way through exposing yourself (so to speak) and having some loudmouth bounce in....


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