Friday, 6 June 2008

A question ...

What do a 19 year old couple and the sleezy guy in the pub last night have in common? They are both complete strangers who have recently told me that I "should have children".

Whilst it it very flattering that these people who have only spoken to me for a few minutes have been so quick to notice my clearly outstanding genes, and no doubt feel that for the good of mankind I have to reproduce, it does leave me floored as to how to respond.

I normally say something quite lame and non-committal like "yeah we probably will have kids someday", blatently lie "Kids?! God, I'm not ready for them yet", or try (not very successfully) to be humorous "Oooh no! You have to have sex for that, yuk".

I'm sure you guys can do better. I want witty retorts that will not invite more questions, and not let them know that we have been trying for a year and a half without success. Any ideas?


  1. I don't get it as much, being the fella.

    When we do get those comments as a couple we usually laughed them off, as they usually come from distant family on visits.

    If someone asked me now, I honestly would blurt out something to shock them like "I'm totally infertile" and walk off.

    Conversation over.

  2. I don't know what to say either. I usually just lie. "I'm focusing on my career. Once I have a baby, the chances of me being able to do my job after, are low. Gotta make the most money I can right now." See I am a stunt woman, and needless to say I can't work during pregnancy. At all. And what if I don't get skinny again after the baby? That stresses me. Being skinny is VERY important to my job. So, most people who ask me, know this about my work and understand when I say I can't have a baby yet.
    HOWEVER, that is an excuse to get people off my back. No one knows we are trying. It is hard to keep that info in for a year. It looks like I'll be keeping this secret for longer than a year too.
    That is why I look online for support. Thanks for having this blog.

  3. Thanks guys.
    xbox - I thought of the shock technique "We are doing a lot of fucking thanks for asking" but that would probably embarrass me more than them.

    Pixy - Glad you are here again, and that it is useful for someone other than me blurting out my thoughts into the webesphere! I have a few really good friends that know but for the rest, like you, its a lot of lying. Amazing job though, and don't stress about getting skinny again afterwards apparently breastfeeding burns a hell of a lot of calories.


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