Sunday, 22 June 2008

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow ...

So the Provera (or Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Ph. Eur.) has finally worked. Now I have to wait for my HSG (tube to be checked for blockages) in 6 to 10 days.

For those of you who want to know how long it takes Provera to work. I took 10mg a day (5mg twice a day) for 7 days. Finished on Wednesday and got my period this morning (Sunday), but I did a fair bit of internet research and it sounds like it can take anything from 24 hours to 14 days after the last pill for it to bring your period on.

I'm quite a matter-a-fact type person so use the word period to describe, well, a period or menstural flow; but I know many folk prefer euphemisms so here is my thesaurus of words to use instead of period. (Mainly because I've got nothing else to write about).

Aunt/ Auntie Flo - an internet favourite, never heard it used in 'real life'
The Curse - this was what we called it at school, at the time it wasn't a curse, now it really feels like one
On the Blob - doesn't really need an explanation
Rag Week - for those not in the UK, Rag Week is normally when students run around dressed as animals raising money for charity
Barnesly Playing At Home - Barnsley (the football team) wear red shirts when playing at home
Monthlies - Once a month?! I wish.
Having the decorators/ painters in - because they are..
... Painting The Town Red
Surfing The Crimson Tide - its almost poetic
Riding the Monthly Cycle - Again I say, monthly?
Flags are out - think bunting, but just in red

I warn you, those of a delicate disposition don't read further!

Really, this is not nice but in the interest of science I have to include it.

OK ... but I'm not going to be held responsible ...

If you found this site be searching for this phrase you should be ashamed

(But secretly I'm quite impressed.)

Bleeding From The Axe Wound
On that note, I'm off, anyone got any others?


  1. It's not often I have to shake my head at a turn of phrase, but that one got me.


  2. interesting and funny - well sort of.

    The last one I have never heard of.

    The witch is another there used to be a cute (ugly ) smiley on a forum I was on.

    I've heard to called I got my 'rags' (because years ago they used rags to stem the flow ...from the axe wound)

    On heat ...

    I 'll stop !

  3. Ah yes that flame haired witch. Cackling at the fact that you aren't pregnant.

    I'm delighted and proud that I am spreading new, vile, phrases round the world wide internet!

  4. Just found your blog, this post is getting you added to my list. It's good to have a nice laugh!


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