Saturday, 14 June 2008

Can you keep a secret?

I can't. Not at all. I mean other people's I'm fine with, but not mine.

Originally this blog was gong to be totally anonymous, a chance to vent with no fears about how people would judge me.

But I had to tell the husband, otherwise he'd assume the constant tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard was some recently kindled internet romance.

Then my twin, my womb-mate, she's been with me from the start (quite literally) she had to know.

If she knew my older sister couldn't be kept in the dark.

But that was it.

OK, just one more, the friend going through the same experiences but has been trying for even longer than me, who told me the first year was the worst.

Last lot.

The four girls I went to school with, my best friends who I have known since I was 11, I have been their bridesmaids and they have always been my confidants, and I tell them as much as is in the blog anyway – this way I don’t have to repeat it lots of times.

Done now. No one else.

For now...


  1. Blogs are funny, so often containing very very private details, and yet so wide open to the public.

    Only my wife knows about my(our?) blog and even at that she pretends she doesn't read it.

    As 'open' as the content in the blog is, I'd feel very strange about people I know reading it.

  2. It might not have been the best decision to tell them, but as I say, they get all this from me anyway. And they are under strict instructions not to pass details on to other less close friends who they are in touch with, or their mothers - who seemed to know a worrying amount of details about my love life as I grew up!


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