Sunday, 8 June 2008

Bring it on!

I'm going to be induced on Wednesday. Don't worry I haven't been deceiving you. I'm not pregnant, but if you read my post in May, Day 58, then you may have wondered what has happened since. In a word, nothing. So they are going to bring on my period

Last time I went the the doctors she had the results of the first battery of tests. Lets get his one out of the way, sperm count was normal (his not mine, that would be weird). And the tests they did on me all came back fine, even to the extent that she said because I had been regular for the last 6 months it didn't look like I had polycystic ovaries (pcos) anymore.

That was in March and the doctor suggested we went away tried some more, and to book a follow up appointment at the end of June. In the meantime she ordered a quick look at a possible cleft womb that one of the internals indicated, and for me to have my tubes checked.

The appointment for the check for the cleft came through and it was on day 31 of my cycle. I went along paranoid that the guy doing the internal scan would have to contend with a whole lot of blood (yuk) but it didn't appear. At the time I asked him about pcos and he said that it didn't look like I had it. However, I also asked him whether it looked like I was about to get my period (I thought maybe I was at the very early stages of pregnancy - the scan would have been safe if I was), and he told me my womb lining looked pretty thick - so yes I was due anyday. That was 38 days ago I am now on day 68 of my cycle so I don't have a whole lot of respect for his judgment any more. Oh, and I don't have a cleft womb.

The tubes test I was quite excited about because a couple of people have told me of friends who had it done and although they couldn't find a blockage they got pregnant really soon afterwards, so they thought it had cleared something out. I had to have it done on day 6 - 10 of my cycle and the results would be discussed at the end of June.

I decided to be sensible and wait for my May period before I had it done (I also wasn't happy about the fact I was given a prescription for strong pain killers to take before hand - ouch). Of course May has been and gone (and my last day 6 was back in April when I thought I had plenty of time) and the doctors appointment when she goes through the results is coming up. So I called the hospital and they are bringing me in to induce a period this week, then I can have my tubes fiddled around with, and the doctors appointment has been postponed until the end of July.

Phew. Has anyone had a period induced? Do you know what it involves - or is ignorance bliss and I don't want to know?

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I'm confused. What is a cleft womb? I also heard checking tubes is very invasive and hurty.
    In March, I skipped a period. My dr. said don't worry and to take my OPKs from my supposed cd10. Well that was all neg. Then, I had a real big job (Ghost you get that show?) and I was nervous. I got kind of sick in the morning and that totally brought on my period. 2 weeks late. So then, I started the OPKs all over from my real cd10-20. All neg. So the dr. put me on a pill called Provera. I took a pill for 10 days and 5 days later I got a period. Then I started on Clomid. I'm on my 2nd round of Clomid. Hopefully I ovulate this month. I'm worried bc the 1st round of clomid, I could totally feel my ovaries. I felt lots of action in that area. This month, not even close to same amount of action. I should test positive on my opk Wednesday morning. I think I spike in the middle of the night. Or, I'm just not taking the test late enough the evening before I test positive. Anyway, sorry I commented so long. I'm done now. =)

  2. Hi Pixy
    The technical term for a cleft womb is subseptate, it basically means that when you were formed the two halves of your body didn't join properly (why some people get a cleft lip)it can have an impact on your fertility if you have a cleft womb. But they checked it out and I don't have it, it was just a anomaly on the scan.

    Sounds like your periods are as unpredictable as mine. I suppose the positive to think about the difference taking clomid last time and this time is that if it didn't work last time any change in how you feel should be good, right? (Positive thinking and all that). I find stress brings on my period too, got it on my wedding day after 80 days of nothing and on another occasion on the day of a job interview (luckily in both cases I guessed something might happen so wasn't caught short). Good luck for Wednesday.

    I watched the first series of the Ghost whisperer here and LOVED it. Either the other series haven't been on in the UK or are at an obscure time and I've missed it. What a great job though - hopefully they'll call you back lots!

  3. I'll have to gracefully step out of this topic!

    All I can say is I have no idea how you handle such a long and irregular cycle, a day either way for us and we go nuts.

    Best of luck.

  4. Thanks xbox, it does drive me nuts, or would if I had any, but if I did it wouldn't happen ... oh dear.


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