Monday, 30 June 2008


So I didn't spill the beans. But between hard work sawing, marking bits of wood and putting up shelves as well as helping my dad make the most of being in London with two art exhibitions, dinner round at both the sister's and the twin's house there wasn't much time for deep and meaningful conversations. I was alone with the stepmother for about half an hour and she was asking lots of leading questions which I innocently ignored and chatted about the most inane things I could think about. So I can keep a secret, see?

Or not.

I have told my boss.

On Wednesday I have my HSG (tubes checked for blockages) and with an appointment at 11.00 there is little point in going to work first and I have no idea how I'd feel afterwards so thought I'd better take the day off.

Couple that with the appointments I've had over the last six months I felt I owed him some kind of explanation and didn't want him thinking I was going for interviews or anything.

Also he is a mate he is only a couple of years older than me and we often go out boozing together (we have very similar taste in men so he gets on with the husband too). And I can't be arsed with lying or half truths (if my dad or step mother had asked me outright I would have told them what was going on).

I did a straw poll of 'the girls' first and got different responses. Generally they said I should tell him (although one made me laugh by questioning the wisdom of telling the guy who decides my promotion and pay prospects that I might go on maternity leave, she reads this and, mate, I didn't say at the time but a) he's been waiting for me to announce I am pregnant since I got married this way he's more secure about the fact I'm not about to leave than he has been for a long time and b) I'd only get statutory pay after 6 months maternity leave so even if he was budget watching he'd be more likely to give me a raise knowing there a chance he would have to pay a whole years worth anyway!)

His response was to roll his eyes say "you too?" he mentioned a three other couples, friend of his who I know, who have had or are having problems and told me to keep taking the pills.

Phew. Wish me luck for Wednesday.


  1. Came from Xbox - awesome blog-title.

    That is all - I wish you well.

    PS: Comments to people I don't really know always look sarcastic to me, so, really for my own edification, just know that that was a sincere compliment, not smart-assy.

  2. Sweet Jesus Ryan... next you'll be suggesting vitamins and douches...

    Good luck Wednesday, the test itself often clears any blockages too.

    Blast the fuckers clean.

  3. What can I tell you: I'm a sucker for punnery.

    Unfortunately, the only vitamins I know about are the chewable ones that taste like powdered oranges...I wish I could be more help.

  4. Thank for coming by Ryan, I was quite pleased with the title myself. I see from you blog as well as a bit of punnery you are also a sucker for hyphenating-words-to-make-new-ones (I need a bit more practice at that).

    Cheers xbox, I'm seeing this as a high pressure hose. Hope today goes / went well. I'll be checking up to see.

  5. Good luck on Wednesday. Make sure to take pain meds! (or just get really, really drunk.LOL)

  6. Came over from L&F to wish you luck on your HSG!

    I love the response from the boss.

  7. Good luck on the HSG. Remember to take the pain meds before the procedure.

  8. Deborah, Tempting to get drunk but 11.30am is a bit too early even for me...

    I believe, Cheers! I didn't know I was on Lost and Found but thanks for the support, it really helps to know I'm not alone!

    cg,believe there will be a pain killer in every available orifice. Thank you.

  9. Good luck with the HSG. Hope it's quick and painless.


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