Monday, 16 June 2008


I started this blog because every other blog that I could find about trying to conceive seemed to be full of those tickers that tells you the author's baby is 30 weeks and now has toenails, or full of the trials of having a two year old. Anyone who started blogging about trying to get pregnant was now there. Fantastic. But didn't help me, I wanted to find others in my situation.

Initially disheartening, I figured that I should take solace from all these people who were a similar situation to me who have now got there. And you never know maybe someone in the future will feel the same about this blog.

So I call this list:

Blogs About Being Infertile Eventuallly Succeed (geddit!)

Baby Wanted

DysLexie's TTC Blog
Mission: Impossible, or adventures in infertility
My Fertility Stories
The Sticky Bean Preconception Journey

The Trying Game
My Little Drummer Boys
Making Babies

Uncomplicate Me
Maybe If You Just Relax

If anyone out there wants to be added, or has recommendations, drop me a line or comment and I'll update.


  1. My DH and I have been TTC#1 for over 4yrs. Nice to "meet" you.

    I have quite a large blogroll that I read (but on Google Reader). But I have a link to Mel's blogroll on Stirrup Queens. You might want to check it she's featured you on her Lost and Found site...which is how I found you.

  2. Well, my babies are two cats, a dog and a bottle of gin. Does that count?

    If you ever need to read a blog where somebody won't get knocked up, I'm it. No chance of it happening anytime soon.
    I have all sorts of lovely ladies I read. Try clicking around on people's blogrolls if you like their writing and you'll likely find similar bloggers.

  3. there are loads, but off the very top of my head, 'my little drummer boys' and 'the waiting game' ( are a couple of success stories.
    The latter only last week, after a LONG battle.

  4. Found you on Mel's Lost and Found.. Well, I'm not towards IVF yet, perhaps in a month if Clomid doesn't work out..My DH and I have been trying for 2 years odd..

    Like everybody on this journey, we feel lost, battered but we support each other online through it..

    So, yeah, as what amy said, Nice to meet you too and looking forward to reading more of your stories..

  5. Amy, Nice to meet you too and thanks for dropping by. 4 years, that puts our year and half into perspective, good luck.

    I've added the Stirrup Queen - thanks.

    Io, I have a dog too and no doubt will be posting about furkids soon, so yes welcome. Will check out your blog, ta.

    Thanks xbox, as ever. Will add those sites and hoping to get you on this list soon.

    Still Standing, the web is great when you feel like everyone around you is having babies, and its a way to see that you aren't alone - and as this post shows, even people who have been trying for ages can still get there. Don't give up! Nice to meet you too.

  6. Sorry, wish I was one of those blogs, but like you, still ttc. It's been over two years for us, hell who am I kidding, it's been two years, one month, seventeen days, nine hours and five seconds. I sure hope this blog writing thing is the answer to infertility, but you are right, there is a lot of inferts turned ferts out there-sure hope we will be joining them soon.

  7. Trust me. I'm still shocked silly to be on the other side. I got lucky. Six clomid cycles, one lethal anomoly with one second tri termination, three ivf cycles from stressville in which something always went wrong......until it didn't.

    I know that reading about rugrats when still trying is rough, so thank you for having such a magnanimous approach to my blog,


  8. Geohde

    I think it is VERY important that people like you keep talking about all this.

    You're the successful ones, and who better to learn from?

  9. Geohde, I'm shocked silly that you came over here with three week old babies no doubt taking your all your time and energy. Thank you for taking the time, and showing that you still remember how hard it can be. And CONGRATULATIONS.

    Xbox, yup, we've discussed this before , its really important to hear from people who have come out the other side - if only to keep our hopes up.


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