Thursday, 29 May 2008

Is romance dead?

Remember make up sex? The passion, the fury and energy that went into fighting being transfered to passion in the bed room.

Its not like that with us. Instead we have grumpy sex.

Here's a typical exchange:

Her (lets face it, me): Hmmm, I'm going to bed now.
Him: Ok.
Her: You coming?
Him: I'll be through in a bit I'm just going to finish watching this.
Her: Oh come to bed now, it'll be nice.
Him: I won't be long.
Her: Come on we could, you know ...
Him: Nice, but I just want to see the end of this.
Her: No 'cause by the time that finishes I'll be asleep, and I want to get into work early tomorrow.
Him: Well maybe we could have sex tomorrow night.
Him: Oh....
Her: Come on.
Him: Fine, but I'm knackered too so you can go on top.
Her: Great you want me to do all the work as usual, just forget it I don't feel like it any more.
Him: Well neither do I but I've turned the telly off now so come on.

Who needs candles, pink champagne and Kenny G on the stereo when you can have seduction like that on an ordinary Wednesday night?


  1. Yes. I just finished my first round of Clomid and I was a hot mood swinging mess. Sex is different now. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just now it isn't all about how good it feels. Our dialouge is closer to this...
    Me: Wanna go downstairs?
    Him: Are you ovulating?
    Me: Well the test was neg. this morning, but I might be tomorrow and I want a batch waiting.
    Him: I'm really tired.
    Me: (flying off the handle) How am I supossed to make a baby by myself?????
    Him: You're over-reacting. I'm tired. We'll do it tomorrow.

  2. I think we have been lucky in this regard.

    The only time we had any really lousy attempts was in this current cycle, #14.

    Personally, I find the best way to cope with the forced sex is make a joke of it with her(or him lol)

    Offer to put on the TV in the bedroom so she can watch or other silliness, anything to get you through!

  3. Blimey. We have these conversations also. Except that Hubby is the uber-frisky one, and I'm continually pleading exhaustion and sore bits! I made the mistake of mentioning that the wifey-mucus looked vaguely fertile a little while back, and (bless him) he hounded me round the house all bloody day...
    Libido disparity, huh. Can't beat it.


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