Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Day 58

I have irregular periods, not like 2 or 3 days overdue but a cycle of sometime 80 or 90 days. Once again this month I'm making like the white rabbit.

A summary of where I am at:

Years ago I went 5 months without a period. I was concerned so went to a doctor, she diagnosed polycystic ovaries (PCOS). At the time she said there was no point in doing anything about it, it wasn't doing me any harm and would only become an issue when I wanted to get pregnant. Then, she reassured me, there were drugs I could take. Brilliant. No worries then.

Fast forward 5 years we started trying for a baby, and I figured I'd give it a couple of months and if nothing happened, pop along to see a doctor, take a couple of pills and I'd be away.

We started trying in November 06, and in March 07 I went to the doctors, only to be told that we had to wait at least a year before they could justify any medical intervention.

A year later, a new Doctor, this time I was told they wouldn't refer us to a specialist until we had been trying for two years.

And here is tip number one:

Don't take no for an answer. I was polite, but firm. I whipped out my list of dates clearly showing my periods were irregular, threw in a few carefully chosen words like Luteinizing Hormone and Clomid to show I had done my homework and, due to the wonders of the NHS waiting list, it was only another 3 months before I was waltzing into my first appointment with a specialist.

Incredibly, by that time my periods had started to get really regular. For the last six months I could practically set my calendar by the surfing of the crimson tide. This was it. I thought I had got better all by myself and pregnancy was just round the corner.

And then 1 of May, no period, negative test, repeat ad infinitum for the next 28 days. I'm not pregnant, it has just been 58 days since my last period. Great! At least I'm saving money on tampons.

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